“I Won’t be a Hero, Tim”

So, stumbling around the internet looking at the new Hot Toy’s World of Tim Burton figure (which is something I’m dying to have in my collection) I came across a link to this figure:

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Sadly, this piece is no longer available but at the same time it is AMAZING!

I decided to do some research on Fool’s Paradise to see what else they had and what I saw simply blew my mind. And looks like they are constantly creating new and exciting products.

Yes, for some of you it may be on the pricey side (Around $290 US), but you are looking at figures that stand at approximately 1/6th scale (12 inches). Also you can rest knowing that most of his products are made to order. Which means, there isn’t any extras out there. So if you want one, don’t hesitate and jump right on it.

You can check out there blog or you can also find them on Facebook. You won’t be disappointed.

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