Greetings from Nerdgasm!

Hey there nerds! It’s your fellow nerds here reminding you that we are interested in hosting a meet and greet, we know that it’s hard to find people genuinely interested in the nerd culture, or that sometimes awkwardness is a little buddy that latches on your shoulder. Whatever your vice is that makes it hard for you to interact we want to help you find people to have fun with! We want to get to know our followers and not just put up nifty posts. We want to be interactive with you so we can help bring the content you like and want to see right here on your screen. We are also very interested in supporting local artists as well to help prevent big time companies from taking most of your profit. Our events will be cosplay friendly but not required. If you cant make the cosplay 100% Accurate that’s fine too. We want to help put some positivity back into the communities. Cos-play should be fun, gaming should be a fun experience with a hint of competitive mode.
I am still a novice cos-player, I have only been doing it for about 2 years but I love making fans of the anime, comic, or video game series happy. I like talking to you about the series. I’ve seen some of the downsides of the community as well, which is creeps (happens everywhere), fake account pages claiming to be a cos-player but they just want money from loyal followers of that cos-player, shaming other races for cos-playing their favorite characters, and the list can go on! But we here at Nerdgasm encourage you to dress in characters you love, have fun, and be yourself.
If you are an independent artist and you want to try to get yourself a friendly Canadian site to help you sell your lovely items, you can feel free to reach out to, we want to help you grow! If you are a cos-player and want some exposure we are more than happy to share your work to help out. As always guys, gals, and pals thank you kindly for taking time to read our posts, sharing them, and following us. It means a great deal that people want to listen to what we have to say!

Feel free to post below suggestions, comments, etc! Remember we want to hear from you so we can help make the nerd community here a friendly place to pop by.


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