Tokyo Ghoul’s Upcoming Live Action Movie

With the colder season approaching, Halloween getting closer, what better way to enjoy the weather than a new upcoming live action anime movie? Before we get too in depth, a lot of fans were skeptical of how well this would work with a lot of live action movies failing and even TV series not doing well. In example Netflix released Death Note which lead to a series of threats towards the writer, and director. However fret not! The premiere for this movie has already got many anime critics, fans of the manga, and anime raving about how fantastic it is.So far praised as a “Faithful adaptation of the manga” – Anime News Network. The Movie will be hitting select theaters 10/16-22 in English subbed. If you are a fan of anime, love gore, horror, and some over the top characters (no spoilers) I do recommend checking the Manga, anime and movie out.


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