A Silent Voice (Anime Film)

Silent Voice is a beautiful story about a young student who goes to school with the inability to hear. We watch her go through different challenges that one can face with being hard of hearing. It features bullying, depression, trying to communicate in both sign language, texting, writing and even speaking. This film is available to stream online on various sites in Japanese, with English subtitles if you wanted to give it a look right away.

This film also touches on mental health, and suicide so please be warned that it can difficult to watch. Please watch it only if you are comfortable with the subject matter. Films like this are incredibly beautiful because it can reach out to fans on important subjects, and like any form of entertainment sometimes it can help someone through a rough time. Throughout you see different perspectives of the bullies, the bullied, parents, and of someone trying to be a better person.  A Silent Voice is calling for you to hear it, when others cannot. As always if you enjoy the film we do suggest picking up the manga! It is well worth the read you can find this at your local book stores, and online.

We invite you to watch the trailer featured below, allow us to take you into the world of A Silent Voice.

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