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Hey fellow nerds! It’s your girl K-lee here back and battery recharged!  We at Nerdgasm realize it’s been a while since we posted some content and we appreciate you all staying patient! So today’s subject will be on local cosplayers.

With certain changes to social media platforms you may have notice smaller pages are harder to find posts from. Here at Nerdgasm we feel its important to promote local cosplayers, businesses, and even twitch streamers! Why? Because it’s rad to watch someone grow as an artist. Most of the local cosplayers you see have spent a lot of time to improve their craft, and it’s always encouraging for these wonderful artists to spread their art and love of cosplay. So I am going to be featuring a few cosplayers I have been lucky enough to meet and know. They are pretty friendly people to see at your local conventions or even at your next nerd party! So here we go with some local Canadian cosplayers you should check out!

First up we have Xgouki Cosplay, a lovely Nintendo enthusiast who does an epic Samus Aran cosplay, super friendly and easy to talk to!

Credit to M.G. Norris Photography (

Chigouki Cosplay 

This cosplayer features a lot of amazing characters ranging old-school Evangelion Asuka, The Legend of Zelda’s very own Link, Pokémon trainers and so much more! Xgouki Cosplay is a great cosplayer to follow if you are looking for makeup inspiration and cosplay ideas. You can find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook:

Xenonia Cosplay

Next we have Xenonia. Now have featured her before she took a bit of a hiatus, she’s back and ready and you can see so with her latest Sith Lord Cosplay which we debuted at Star Wars Day event here in Toronto! Xenonia has done a range of cosplays from Skull Kid from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, genderbent Sora from Kingdom Hearts and the lovely Ho-Oh from Pokémon Gold. Fun fact: the Sith Lord was done in a day and it held up really well through the Forces we had experienced at the Rec Room. Sorry Jedi, you didn’t bring down this Sith Lord.

You can also read up on news of her Twitter, Instagram, and catch some streams on Twitch:

In the next few weeks, we will be featuring these lovely cosplayers, and others as we showcase more of their work, and passion! Stay tuned!


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