Three For All!?


Hey there nerds, it’s your girl K-Lee here with some info on something pretty amazing you should check out on Twitch. For our followers unfamiliar with Twitch, it is a streaming service that can have anyone from YouTubers to your neighbor putting out content for you to enjoy. You can follow and donate to twitch streamers to help keep the content coming, or to help them donate to charity. I want to talk to you all about this great show I checked out recently called Three For All, now what the show basically is the hosts including the chat in an interactive discussion and fun games along the way.

Throughout the show the audience will be asked to suggest a character and from there the hosts put them into random topic debates. Which is pretty awesome it can vary from Pride and who’d be a great costume to wear to Pride, to who is more fashion forward, and so on. The characters and topics can be from movies, comics, and video games. Three rounds will occur during the show where the winners of the rounds will be placed in a final debate at the end of the stream in a three for all debate session, during the stream you get a currency called “bread ducks” where you can make the hosts do fun stuff like eat ghost pepper peanuts, or wear a hat of shame. It’s pretty rad and very interactive, the audience is very friendly and the hosts are very welcoming.

Looking for something to do? You can catch them on air Wednesday at 8 pm Est, and Sunday afternoons at 3 pm est. Great way to get through the mid-week blues and get ready for the beginning of a work week. This Twitch show provides  a little something for everyone to enjoy. As always we appreciate you all sticking with us throughout this journey, life has been a bit crazy here but we are eternally grateful for every single one of you! Feel free to talk nerdy to us in the comments below!

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