Enter the Gungeon

“Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.” – Dodge ball the Movie

You’d think with moves like these we’d be in Dodgeball. Enter The Gungeon is a fantastic game that brings the bullethell roguelite genre to a new level and joins a list of Devolver Digital’s brilliant titles. Gungeon has you taking a control of a wide cast of characters as they seek to obtain the bullet to kill the past and kill their past that haunts them. Each character comes with their own unique skillset and weapons, or even a dog. As you enter the gungeon you’ll be faced with bullet looking enemies who well, shoot bullets at you. While the story here isn’t as deep as some would like, that isn’t the important part of this game.

Game play is what makes this game so amazing. Every enemy comes with his own pattern of firing bullets at you and dodging is essential. A long the way to fighting your enemies you’ll find chests to help aid you in your battle. These items usually consist of a gun or an added skill to aid you, these items are more often then not based on real life culture. As an example the latest update adds a “Scouter” that is very familiar to a certain scouter from the Dragon Ball series. The real key to the game is not to take damage and of course not die. Every enemy is uniquely designed and a hint of what their abilities may be. The shotgun shell looking enemies typically fire a shotgun while the dragon looking ones firing what looks to be fire.

You’ll run into a wide variety of NPC’s while you’re down in the gungeon. Some will assist you back in the main hub while you’re waiting to re-enter. They can provide you with: new items to purchase, ways to makes your game more difficult, and even randomize what items you’ll obtain. Even with all the ways the game can assist you it is notoriously difficult. Trap’s and other methods have way of damaging you even with enemies in the room, but the same things that hurt you can hurt them as well. Every enemy defeated typically drops a bit of money, this money can be used to spent on the shop you’ll find on each floor of the gungeon. Prices vary and the better the item the higher the price.

It’s important to keep in mind that each floor is randomly generated, no playthrough will be the same as a previous time. The game is full of little secret areas and even secret chests that you may not be expecting (be wary of the glitch chest if you’re not ready). It’s a game of skill that will take hours to improve on and master, but it’s without a doubt one of the best games available to play from our current generation. People who don’t have the patience for this may be put off, but the grind is truly worth it. Don’t make a mistake, make sure you pick this one up.

Oh and heads up, they just released a final free DLC!


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